Other Camille Claudels

Tonight, if I’m thinking of Camille Claudel, who was a great creator and outstanding sculptor, it’s because I’m thinking of Clémence and Rohinie too.

Camille Claudel was committed against her will. Clémence too.

How many women are currently behind bars (whether in prison or a psychiatric hospital), held against their will, due to the criminal harassment inflicted upon them? Because of the V2K that they are meticulously injected with, and that can make you go crazy or make you sick (it’s a kind of radiation, after all).

What better way to drive someone crazy than to borrow his brain and fill it up liberally with all the droppings of this humanity that is going down the drain? All the greasy laughter, the lustful talk, the most scurrilous words?

What a nice, anonymous, and vile murder?

What a horrible way to get to the whores without going to the Bois?

What a nice way to get off without going to a shrink?

I believe that women who are currently doing V2K as if they were going to do a sales job, are NECESSARILY either insane or sadistic, and should undergo a thorough psychiatric examination. 

Not to mention the twits who keep themselves busy with V2K the way people watch late-night talk shows.

How else can you ever explain how someone can torture someone else? The idea, as I say in my text about this woman, is so IMPOSSIBLE TO THINK that I can’t think it. This is even truer when you consider what monstrous machinations lie behind it.

V2K is also known to be used to “lay the groundwork”. I mean the scientific groundwork. V2K serves to divert attention from the main motive for such targeting: transhumanism. Various Dr Moreaus use pharmaceutical industries and the bodies of victims for experiments (not directly: through what we could call « henchmen », and this is what the man who had stalked me in the dentist’s waiting room, told me in a roundabout way as he put on his plastic glove:

“I’m just a henchman.”). So the industries are observing this targeting to pass on their drugs; adulterated and expired drugs are spilling over into Africa, so we’re doing trials here now, on the targets.

Is she taking any medications?

In my case, no.

Is she seeing a shrink?

In my case, no. 

Physiological vitals?

Thus, V2K is used to keep the target as well as targeter waiting, while big shots take home the jackpot.

V2K drives you crazy, that’s what it’s meant to do. 

Perhaps one day it will be a means of communication. For now, it’s a means of OPPRESSION.


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