You all know that I am a civil rights activist. I make no bones about it and I make it very clear.
And my beautiful child is a symbol.

It reacts for blacks (being black… but there are blacks in Iran too and in Israel!) among the most intelligent administrations of culture (INA,…) in order to show for example how much Thelonious Monk despised and held for congruence the one who wanted to interview him, Henri Renaud.

Because ……… the genius is Thelonious Monk, even (but I say…) and MOSTLY because he is black.

We are fed up with these filthy, self-loathing white beasts, because black people would like to keep their genius and the riches of their country to themselves.

This is in these timid reactions of culture and also the fact that the FBI wanted to bring out the case of Malcolm X but was slowed down… , this is where we see that we are at a turning point in history,
And the wonderful new History would be that the formerly oppressed finally take power and even POWER.
Because it is necessarily those who have no genius who oppress geniuses, and this is where we join the problem of Targeted Individuals oppressed by idiots and impotents.

Beautiful face of Thelonious Monk, beautiful genius.
Jacqueline Sarah Eléonore MENANTEAU, board member of ICATOR (International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotisation of Living Beings)
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