A dialogue between tortured women that is the opposite of chitchat

The conciseness. This is what characterizes our exchanges with Melanie, in any case her precision, because any other subterfuge is time lost and in our jargon of the strength of the evaporated brain.

All the energy of our brain is dedicated to this minimum of dialogue, which is primarily intended for ACTION, for efficiency.

Everything beside us seems absolutely ridiculous.

From the beginning of our exchange to create Icator and to make its statutes, I kept our messages, because it seems to me fundamental to understand our problem, and to grasp the strength that is necessary to overcome this affront to the human that are psychotronic weapons.

There is now an exchange for ACTION and not to describe the storefronts of the stores and the way of washing dishes.

I mean finally that there is a dialogue to define the future of humanity.


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