The Resistance

Jacqueline Sarah Eléonore MENANTEAU, ICATOR

For us, TI, the word Resistance can be understood in several ways. And this is the first time that this huge word has been used both physically and psychologically.

Moreover, we see that a human being forms an indivisible whole and that the strength of the mind that develops the brain is transmitted to the body.

Whole nights without sleep, burns and injuries without name, without name, because they are new forms of injury and bodily injury, like those tiles applied to the flesh that would mark the beginning of the universal object of which the body is now a part.

If we resist so much IT around the world, it is to keep our status as human beings, of being whose flesh is sacred because it is directed by thought, the brain.

The Resistance is now understood at the planetary level. We resist so that our bodies but also our brains are free. 

The resistance fighters of the Second World War were hiding in the maquis to avoid a Gestapo that wanted to be sprawling.

No bush protects us anymore.

It would be the crucial research on the brain of the 21st century that should protect some individuals and it would be the honour of scientists to offer them this free and white zone at the same time.

Resistance is always a big word and a huge idea.


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