Traduction libre (Reverso)

Why did I think this morning of this short text by Solzhenitsyn, who had then for the first time reported on the Gulag?

Solzhenitsyn is me too, but but still lilliputian.

Assange is me too, but but still lilliputian

Aragon is me too, but but still lilliputian

And Plioutch is me too, but still lilliputian

I will never reach the stature of these people, who have all tried, each in its own way, to give a high idea of the human being.

The gulags of the Targeted are as many brains caught in the tangle of the military inventions of the century, in other words each of our brains is equipped with an electromagnetic cannon, or railgun, as an active obedient soldier to give himself a reason to be on earth: make us lab rats, portable chemical plants.

We see how our neurons react to these constant short circuits that flash our imagination to develop the gift of survival, and to obey the dictate.

Let us never forget this: these weapons serve to control the crowds, these weapons aim at the brain, therefore aim at annihilating any revolt.

We also see how we resist drying out, and that’s where I come back to Dennissovich and what’s happening today in the territories that Putin would like to call Russiokraine.

Southern Russia is sorely short of water (cf. Courrier international on 14/09/2021) and you only have to look at the maps detailing the Ukrainian river systems to understand that this country is full of immediately exploitable water.

Our electromagnetic gulags are now under the threat of lack of water. Moreover, is this what will save us? We have all noticed that our persecutors operate from bathrooms or kitchens…

Is it for this reason that the military first developed with the navy so the water these new sordid weapons?

So, this NEED of Ukraine?

What I feel about Russia, and I felt it when I went to the embassy meeting to see Alexei, is a marble hardness that almost nothing alters, fors the vodka!

An almost romantic way to tell his non-Russian neighbors that they are wrong not to be and especially that they have water! But how can we tell them otherwise than by weapons?

Leonid Plioutch, who tasted the Gulag, kept this terrible look of who no longer knows how to explain to other men how and where to go. He also had terrible laughter with that sad look.

We almost welcomed Assange as we had welcomed Plioutch. But times have changed and France is no longer at all the homeland of human rights and therefore of their symbols. It is fortunate that by an excess of hypocrisy we did not take Assange.

We, in the gulags of the Targeted Individuals, also try to resist but we are submitted by the weapons, crushed by them.

Russia, which, like China, has never been a defender of human rights, can, in view of what is happening in its fascist neighbours as it is, as state capitalists as it is, believe that it can do anything, especially if it is thirsty.

This is what Aragon, one of my idols, called «the great Russian realism».

As for us, Targeted, even targeted by these weapons and thirsty by them, we just want to regain the free and flag-less territory of our brains.


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