Why do we love Julian so much?

It’s no accident I’m talking about him by just saying his name. Soon, thousands of children of freedom-loving people will be baptized.


We love Julian with so much heart because he represents for thousands of us the search for the truth. He is the symbol of our loss of truth and freedom and perhaps he himself wanted to portray that symbol.

Why put in a cage the one who wanted to free us?

And by his act of grandeur – reveal the flaws of our civilizations, whom are dying of shame!

(We should henceforth forbid this word –civilisations– as we are no longer a part of one)

175 years in prison for turning their noses up at the fascists intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, Mossad, DGSI…)!

We use the same methods against him as for the world’s Targeted Individuals, that is to say against us, and against myself. We have it appraised, as we would of a piece of furniture, and we have declared it infested! that is to say, a fragile state of mental health! Of course!…

At a time when he is saddled with 18 counts of indictment, the great Indian chiefs in the USA regroup and also turn their noses pow wow to the white fascists of the Intelligence agencies. They are the ones who stand up for black people… But here we are touching on the future… Let us leave it free for the moment.

Being very disobedient and thinking a lot (what journalists no longer do), I also looked at some of the photographs reflecting Assange over time. Some of them are set-ups, mirrors, that one walks along the path as if to signify an ideological change of speed, direction… that of a future in which no thought will be given, for stolen military secrets also encompass the terrifying weapons of which we are all victims. 

And the men killed in 2007 in Iraq were probably a part of a game of targets! Target in sight at gunpoint! But you shouldn’t have said it, let alone shown it.

What if Assange is part of the setup? It is very horrible to advance this but some photographs which he engaged himself in are obviously an image composition.

Whatever the exact truth may be (one trembles when writing this, and will one know it?), one dies of shame thinking that the truth is dying behind bars, and that it is tortured and reduced to a bouillabaisse.

One of my torturers comments about my brain, which he wants to destroy.

The symbolic Julian will be hushed behind closed doors if nothing is done to ensure his release.

It is he who could tell us the TRUTH – The truth which all people need. 


Jacqueline Sarah Eléonore MENANTEAU, board member of ICATOR, 

International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotisation of Living Beings


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