franceAs a signatory of the ICATOR association cited in the UN No-Touch Torture investigation, I am a victim of war crimes which are, in the greatest secrecy and in the guilty silence of states and agencies such as the DGSI and the police, being operated by individuals often linked with military forces illegally using DARPA equipment, as well as by criminal mafias, mostly criminal real estate syndicates. These harassment groups include criminals already known to the police, but also many psychopaths, who find here a way of satisfying their sadistic needs. Ordinary citizens are thus harassed in their homes, most of the time, in order to acquire a real estate at a lower cost. Their Internet connections are cut off, their computers and laptops are hacked. A PURE SCANDAL!


And I will cry out, like Assange, « Jail the war criminals ! »




Julian Assange is the phenomenon, the other targeted individuals and me, the epiphenomena. As in the Egyptian pyramids, there is the top with Assange, then come the ordinary citizens. Then the tombs with the mummies. Lots of individuals targeted by those weapons, eventually died from them.

I went to a Mediapart conference, where knowledgeable people and great minds or thinkers were taking turns applauding Julian Assange, so how is it that so many people around still haven’t figured out that they’ve caught  « one character » but below there are and there will be dozens of tortured people. Julian Assange is at the top, and then come the citizens. I would say the « ordinary citizens », who are being targeted, to serve the great god of business, the multinationals which are now running all the newspapers and which target, for their own profit, the innocent people who are made to look either insane or guilty. Julian Assange is a sample of exemplary behaviour that would snowball into a society where justice would have no place. An Orwellian society.

Journalists are blind or blinded, depending on the situation. But in no way are they superiorly intelligent. They have not understood  that Ariadne’s thread had to be unwound, in order to glimpse the truth.  the truth has been revealed by targeted individuals. who are being monitored and tracked 24 hours a day and from whom the multinationals and  journalists have stolen the ideas, the images and the genius.


I hope people have understood that Edward Snowden is telling the truth. With those new harassment techniques and new weapons, it is npw  possible to steal thoughts and ideas. The brain is the target. I, for one, believe that Julian Assange right now is also being electromagnetically harassed.

We, the targeted individuals around the world, are crying out that we are being raped, robbed and massacred.




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